Adjustable Trimless Led Downlight AW10932

Short Description:

● CE CB CCC certified
● 50000 hours lifespan
● 3 years or 5 years warranty
● Dimmable: TRIAC or 0-10V dimming
● High lumen output CITIZEN chip on board, remote driver included
● Beam angle interchangeable, 60 degree flood beam, 36 degree / 24 degree narrow flood beam & 15 degree spot beam included
● Manufactured In: Jiangmen city, Guangdong province, China
● IES File & Lighting Measure Report available

Product Detail

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Type 15W adjustable trim led downlight
Model AW10932
Power 6W / 8W / 10W / 12W / 15W
CRI 90
CCT 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
Optics LENS
Beam angle 8° /15° / 24° / 36 ° / 60°
Power supply External
Input DC 36V - 150mA / 200mA / 250mA / 300mA / 350mA
Finish White / Black
Cutout φ75mm
Dimension Dia110*H106mm


Type 10W adjustable trim led downlight
Model AW11172
Power 6W / 8W / 10W
CRI 90
CCT 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
Optics LENS
Beam angle 15° / 24° / 36 ° / 60°
Power supply External
Input DC 36V - 150mA / 200mA / 250mA
Finish White / Black
Cutout φ75mm
Dimension Dia110*H84mm

Product Display

Optional Degree LENS + IP54 Waterproof & Replaceable Optical Accessories

The same heatsink can be assembles with different degree of LENS and can create point focus lighting effect by using the super narrow 8 degree LENS


IP54: waterproof wire buckle + clear glass + sealing ring
Optical accessories: anti-glare honeycomb, diffuser glass, elliptical glass

Replaceable Mounting Frame

Trim Mounting Frame

trim frame

Trim Mounting Frame

trimless frame

The trimless frame conceals the downlight for a clean, seamless finish. Designed to be plastered into the ceiling during the early stages of a build, allowing for the downlight to be fitted later.

Deep Glare - 39° Shading Angle

The shading angle of the downlight is 39 degree, while the angle of the severe glare area where the lamp is directly shot to human eyes is 70-90 degree. When people look at the lamp, their eyes will not feel discomfortable by the light emitted by the luminaire.

Shading angle

Complete Wall-washer Downlight Ranges


The same heatsink can be assembled with adjustable or fixed body ring + trim or trimless mounting frame to create different lighting fixtures to meet various applications

Size Lineup


Installation Instruction

1.Cut out the false ceiling with tools, see picture 1.
2.Take off the dark light cone and pull down the light module from the embedded part then the lighting
fixture will be disassembled into three parts.
3.Turn off the power supply before installation, see picture 3.
4/5/6.Put the embedded part into the ceiling hole,fix the lamp fixture to the ceiling by M4 self-tapping
screw to make sure the lamp not loose when installation.
7.Plaster the ceiling and cover the screwhead when lamp fixture installation finished.
8/9.Wiring: Connect the driver output side with the light module and please pay attention to the "+/-".
10/11.Put the driver into the back side of the false ceiling and make sure it is not covered by anything.
Push the light module into the embedded part until it is fixed then install the dark light cone to the trim
12.Turn on the light and check, installation is accomplished.






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